Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Spring is nice.

I took advantage of the really nice weather earlier tonight and spent the majority of the evening biking around with my sampler in a backpack, collecting a bunch of audio samples like the huge fucking geek that I am. I was sketching myself with my thoughts while standing on someones front porch while attempting to record wind chimes, wondering what I'd even say if sometime came outside and found me standing in front of their home with a huge SP-404 and monitor headphones.

So I've been writing this script for an animated rendition, but I haven't really touched Flash in about 5 years, so...I thought I'd make a short preview for the project I'm working on. I apologize for how totally fucking boring it is. The animation itself isn't gonna be anything like this...I swear. It'll be actually animated, and hopefully funny!!

AS I MENTIONED, I've been working on a series of cassette tapes with a bunch of new content. I've been sort of slacking on posting new fun things, but I hope to have at least parts of these tapes posted sometime this week. Maybe my lil' EP too?
I keep having to kill spiders, centipedes and other fast-moving insect motherfuckers around my house. It must really be spring.



Aly said...

Oh I love animations. I hope that yours works out ok. I always have such great plans for my own animated tales, and they seem to fall short when I realize my own artistic limitations. Maybe that's the fun of making them.

Marcc said...

Oh that animation looks like it's going to be great Warren!

Aww, so no more Vanilla Coke Clock?:(

Warren said...

Hahaha I'm afraid not...
Maybe I'll add a little cameo or something. HeheheHEHEH.

a.lexandra said...


Warren said...

What does that even mean?