Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Lately (Memoryhouse cover)

Foxes in Fiction - Lately (Memoryhouse cover)


I haven't really recorded anything new in a while because my recording interface is broken and has been giving me problems since like March. But, I thought I'd try to get around that by rewiring my whole set up and use my reel-to reel, SO last night I threw together a cover of Lately, a song by a band that I've really grown to love recently.

The lyrics in this song always seemed incredibly sad to me and made me think of someone who is trapped in a hospital bed, having machines do everything for them while slipping in and out of consciousness and then eventually coming to the decision that they want to die instead of living an artificial life like that.

There were a few new recording techniques I'd been dying to try out which I think turned out really well. I ended up bouncing some of the guitar tracks to and from my tape machine about three time. No samples. Hope you like it.

I have another collection of recordings coming out soon on Orchid Tapes that is still untitled, but it's gonna rawk ur sox when u hear it u guyz.

xoxo warren

Monday, July 26, 2010

More Swung From The Branches cassettes, for those who are interested.

Reposted from Orchid Tapes:

Foxes in Fiction
Swung from The Branches
Total time: 1:03:35

2nd Pressing (20 copies available)

Due to a delay in CD production for this album, I'm taking pre-orders for the cassette tape repressing of Swung from The Branches. As always, the download is located below as well.

DOWNLOAD (cassettes for sale below)

1. Operating Room
2. Basement Window
3. Thank You, Sunday Morning
4. Sleeping Building Unsuspecting
5. Coffee Cups That Won't Break Down
6. Ninth Floor View
7. Cream Screen
8. 8 / 29 / 91
9. Mialectric (Side B transition)
10. Bronte Balloons
11. New Panic Cure
12. Jimi Bleachball
13. Please Note
14. Snow Angels
15. 15 Ativan (Song for Erika)
16. To Go Home
17. Memory Pools
18. Insomnia Keys
19. Visiting Hours


"This is the kind of music that is, essentially, perfect. Every nuance from the soothing reverb to the soft vocal delivery to the sputtering tape edits and buzz helps contribute to this breathy and ethereal sound. In a way that's hard to explain, this album brings to mind a dark winter night in a quiet city; the carless streets amplify each echo, the twinkling stars seem to cast a bit of shimmer all over everything, and the enormous skyscrapers pale in comparison to the emotions the music brings out. It seems almost intentional that one of the more robust compositions on the album is titled 'Sleeping Building Unsuspecting'.

After years of frustration, I can finally describe the particular style of music that had eluded me. The next time a collaborator inquires about a musical style to explore, I will look no further for inspiration than Swung From The Branches."

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Thanks so much for supporting Orchid Tapes and I.

Sunday, July 25, 2010


it looks like I won't be returning to OCAD University in the fall. I don't think I'm going to drop out, but instead just take a year off. This means I will have a lot more time to focus on two things:

1. Making and playing more music as Foxes in Fiction.

2. Releasing more music on Orchid Tapes.

This makes me undeniably happy and full of anticipation for the future.


Also, thanks to everyone who emailed me questions. I'll do my best to answer them all tomorrow and post them here.

Thursday, July 15, 2010


It's almost 6 AM and I should be asleep but fuck that:
If feels kind of presumptuous that anyone would have any questions for me at all but I guess we'll see. As of now, consider this a public limiteless impromptu interview. Send your burning questions to sometime this week and I'll do my best to answer them in full and then post them here for y'all.


thnx America

This picture is just a snapshot of all the incredible times I had while doing the first Foxes in Fiction 'tour' to the US: Skyping with Ben of Trans-Bedroom Sound while sitting on Sunvisor’s rooftop drinking beers with my good friend Amanda at 4 AM in Long Island, New York, which really couldn't have been a greater way to wrap up the whole trip (with the exception of a coffee shop show and an extremely drunken night in Rochester, but that's another story) which brings me to this point:

Thanks for everyone (Jakub, Jeff, Sunvisor, Willy & Liz, Skipster, Viernes, Sara, Chaz, people who gave us directions in the street when we fucked up) who were so kind and hospitable to touring buddy Amanda and I while we were in the States. We couldn't have felt happier or more welcome while we there. Until next time!!


Also, a huge thanks to Scott for this warm welcome to Rochester:

I really couldn't have done it without y'all.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Quick song - 'The Gearwheel Trees'

Here's a syrupy-thick instrumental track (see: boring) I made out of Owen Pallett samples while on a bus on my way to New York last week.

DOWNLOAD: Foxes in Fiction - 'The Gearwheel Trees'

P.S. I will be back in New York City on Friday to play some more shows over the course of the week or so. I'll list then below for anyone in the area who may be interested. Hope so see you there.

# 3 Jul 2010 Cameo Gallery in Brooklyn, NY
# 5 Jul 2010 Death by Audio in Brooklyn, NY
# 8 Jul 2010 Piano's is Lower East Side, Manhattan, NY
# 9 Jul 2010 Boulder Coffee in Rochester, NY

Love always,