Monday, April 12, 2010

04 / 12

Drew Michael Hildebrand
August 29th, 1991 - April 8th, 2008
You are the perfect Drew.

My friends and family and I had a ceremony at a cemetery in Oakville this past Thursday to bury the ashes of my brother Drew with a new headstone that was just recently placed there. I was expecting the day to be beyond emotional, but it actually turned out really well, in whatever context. The rain stopped for exact amount of time we were at the cemetery and the sun even came out for a while, showing how beautiful a place like that has the potential to be. I got to see a bunch of old friends and reminisce with them and afterwards everyone came back to my Mom and my house to drink and stay as longmas they wanted. Not too bad at all. I created a new banner from a panorama of two pictures that my friend Amanda took that day.

Some other news from my life as of late; I 'officially' signed a contact with a Brooklyn electronic music label today called Moodgadget. I am really really excited about this. The guy I've been talking to from the label is a really rad guy and seems totally jazzed on what I've been working on. Apart from a slew of stuff coming out on Orchid Tapes soon, there'll be some work (an EP) coming out on Moodgadget in the near future, and a compact disk reissue of Swung from The Branches. Stay tuned, friends.

Also, my aforementioned friend Amanda and I had a chance to share some conversation with Ernest Greene of Washed Out last Wednesday after his set at Wrongbar. Kindest guy ever, it was a great night. s000 chill.
All the best,



Pam I Am said...

im sorry for your loss. may your brother rest in peace.

and congrats on the label signing with moodgadget!!! thats very exciting

spencer said...

that is all awesome dude, love from all over

kasahnovva said...

my condolences,
and i cant fuckin wait to hear what else youre creating, youre music is perfect, keep it upp, and i;ll be watchinn outt ,,