Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Foxes in Fiction - Bathurst

Here is a song entitled Bathurst that was previously included on the Beko August compilation, to be re-released on the upcoming Foxes in Fiction album Slow Evolution.

The lyrics are about finding happiness and clarity after a long period of emotional chaos. The name of the song comes from a street in Toronto I walking down when the melody came to me. The artwork above is made from two photos I overlayed that I took with my cellphone.

I hope you like it.

DOWNLOAD *fixed*


Piotr said...

Hi, unfortunatly link isn't working.

radical friends blog said...

Hey man, is Radical friends blog (jeff).

I loved your LP, and was wondering if you had any songs that you aren't releasing on your "Slow Evolution" release that you'd be interested in releasing via Cassette.

I recently started a tape label, and would love, love, love to release an EP of yours on cassette.

my email is if you'd like to talk! <3

Thomas said...


Just wanted to say thanks for getting out there and doing it. Creating instead of waiting. Foxes in Fiction makes me extremely happy, as I feel it is that music I would want to make (if I could play any legit instruments). Keep rollin' man.


Kev McGann said...


Yet agin you've cheered me up. I love this blog and what i get from it. Thanks man. "keep it going, don't stop you son of a bitch, don't stop..."

Kev McGann IRL

Warren Hildebrand said...

So glad to hear it, thanks for the kind words.

Luli Ramírez said...

I liked it very much! keep up the good work.
I'll recomend you with my friends.
Greetings from chile :)

Anonymous said...

Awesome song. I heard it at the Drake hotel. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Lyrics, please? Lovely song.