Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Alberto EP out Dec. 20 on Orchid Tapes

I have a new EP called Alberto coming out on Orchid Tapes on the 20th of December. The EP is dedicated to my friend Alberto Hernandez who was the first person to invite me to New York to play shows during this band Viernes tour there. In return I told him I'd dedicate an EP to him. Here's the artwork and a song off of it called School Night which Pitchfork was kind enough to post in their Forkcast section.


School Night is a song that I originally did under the name Coma Foxes with my good friend and frequent collaborator / mentor Mat Cothran. I ended up doing a secondary Foxes in Fiction version mainly so I would have a backtrack to play during live solo shows but thought it would fit in on this EP, which is largely comprised of renditions of past works or ideas.

Here's the original:

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Sarah said...

Both of the versions are lovely!

Would you consider coming to play a show in Waterloo this winter?