Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Two things.

It's 4 fucking AM again and I thought I would celebrate my insomnia by posting fun things. Fun things are great.

Paper Saw live at The Smiling Buddha Pt. 1 from Warren Hildebrand on Vimeo.

Here's the first of a few videos of my old band Paper Saw (Ceda Torma on the drums, Mike Travis bass, Danny Mendez guitar+vocals, meh on da geetah 'n' quiet singing) playing one of our last shows in Toronto w/. Danny was so kind as to return the old DVDs our show and allow me to spend two full days ripping, converting, compressing and uploading them. My favourite part is at 5:33. There are like four more, too. I was really drunk. You can tell. miss u psaw :'(


1 comment:

Mishap said...

Your ex-band sounds really good!
Oh, and don't you agree that staying up till 4AM is fun? I do it all the time thanks to my essays and exams that have fucked my sleeping pattern. Oh and and being drunk during your set is very Karen O of you. I like it! Haha