Thursday, June 10, 2010

15 Ativan stems

Tempo: 120 bpm.
Remix this please.

EDIT: I just realized that I fucked up and rendered the main vocal track from the 2nd file with all the other instrumental parts intact, SORRY. Here is download for just the vocal track:


JFMS said...

Hey Warren,
greetings from Colombia, South America.

I like your music. And I write stories while listening to it. To me it's as natural as any other action-reaction process in physics.

I put "coffee cups that won't break down" and it makes sense. I have to write.

Take care. Keep it up with your 2 hour sound checks.

A fan,

Juan Márquez

Warren Hildebrand said...

Hey Juan, thanks for the sweet comment!

memo said...

Hi Warren, hope you are well.
Well, I've done a remix of your fantastic track "15 Ativan" as per your request. See? There are people who read your blog and follow your work. Some of us even go as far as to participate.
I hope you like it. It'd be really good to hear your feedback.
Download it here:

Listen loud!
p.s. congratulations on the good review for your album on pitchfork.
Keep up the good work, mate.
Keep in touch,

g said...

what should I do with my remix? where should I send it to?

Anonymous said...

i nearly finish a remix
i'll post it here ( that you can grab it ok ?

marseille, south france

Anonymous said...

hi there

my humble attempt to aremix is there

hope you'll like it


marseille, south france

Zak said...

Thanks for the stems

ativan said...

I have been dealing with a lot of stress, and ended up in the hospital with a panic attack. I have anxiety and panic disorder, and I have been taking Ativan for nearly three months. I only take it when I am at the point I can no longer breathe, and I am shaking. It is quick and effective, it causes me to calm down enough that I can breath, I stop shaking, and I am able to concentrate. I love it, and am pleased with the effects of it. The down side, is I tend to feel a bit loopy for like an hour after taking it, but then I'm fine again, also eating helps this time period. Unfortunately I have to switch to Xanax because my new doctor likes them more. I'm hoping for the same effect, but I would completely recommend it.

Ativan said...

Great stemps, Thanks

ativan success stories said...

I've been on this for about 8 months, worked great at first. It was going stedy for awhile till school started back up, then my anxiety got worse than before, now im taking .5MG twice a day (used to take once a day) and still having a hard time controlling my symptoms. Pills are very small, but its just not potent enough.