Thursday, June 3, 2010

Terrible show last night.

Last night I played a show at Cream Tangerine on Queen Street in Toronto and it was really bad. I sucked. For some reason I was already extremely nervous before the show which is a rare thing for me. I was kind of thrown off by the crappy sound quality of having to play my sampler through a little single PA speaker sitting on the floor. Then during my first song "Coffee Cups That Won't Break Down" as I was building up a swelling ambient intro out of some sweet-ass guitar loops, the power breaker blew just as I was about to go full force into the song. The tension of everything was destroyed in pop and then sudden silence. After about 20 minutes of hanging around in complete silence and listening to some really talented spoken-word artists who didn't let the night go to complete shit, I resumed my set only to have two cops come into the cafe and end the show due to a noise complaint (it was like 11 PM and some people from across the street couldn't deal with the atmosphere, man) and ended the set. I was sitting down and had my head down the entire time because of how nervous I was so I didn't even notice them come up. Pretty horrifying to look up and have two bitchy looking cops with their arms crossed staring at you. Sorry for anyone who had to witness that spectacle. I'm laughing about it now.


Anonymous said...

I am an Argentine
who can not stop
listen to your music.
particularly 8 29 91
from Swung from The Branches.
Love ur it!

Anonymous said...

The funnier part is that I was the only person who came for you specifically

david john said...

ah, keep your head up high!