Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Coma Foxes - School Night

Coma Foxes - School Night

Hey everyone. This song is a collaboration between my good friend Mat Cothran of Coma Cinema and myself (Foxes in Fiction), hence the name Coma Foxes. You should try saying it loud, it sounds really cool.

This is the first song is what is going to be something on an EP of collaborative songs between the two of us. We really hope you like it.

The artwork is a photograph of of a school in the neighbourhood where I grew up (Bronte in Oakville, Ontario) that stool for almost 90 years before it torn down in the 80s so a plaza could be built there.



Andrew Zetek said...

Beautiful. Please make more.

Marc said...

I wish to hear your vocals more often, as pure as they sound in this.
Keep going.

Anonymous said...

love it