Thursday, February 3, 2011

Flashing Lights Have Ended Now lyrics

A few people in the past couple of weeks have asked me for these and I don't think I've posted them anywhere else , so hurr dey are -


Flashing lights have ended now, no more of those days
Days when we could let it show, cut it up and watch them grow
Only found in photographs, the feeling haunts the past
The silence walks between us, the silence seems to last
So lay back down if you wake up and lay it out to dry
I've been trapped in parking lots wishing I could fake a smile

I will learn to grow detached, I will realize
All the time we spent inside, changing colour of eyes
Your words harness energy, I've seen it in the past
But I've got something different, something that will last
And looking back in photographs, the basement held a light
Candles set by steady hands, show our faces to the night
Can we change the we way we feel, did you say "don't look back"?
Sunday morning's looking up, the night has gone, the sun comes back





Emma said...

Hi darling! What a lovely blog you have here!
Lots of good pictures and inspiration! Thanks for sharing!

Wanna be followers? Let me know!

Love from Stockholm.. xoxo

Anonymous said...

one of the best songs i have ever heard in my life. and music is my life. you wrote and made a perfect song my friend. after months of listening to it, it doesn't get old. it's right up there w/ Chapterhouse's "Pearl" and Ride's "Vapour Trail". simply amazing. and no offence, how can you ever top that song? i hope you can/good luck.
also, how can i get a hold of you? i'm interested in starting a small record label that releases a small limited batch of 7" singles. i like your work, and could you write me a couple of brilliant songs, so that we could release them and they would be exclusive to the limited vinyl? i know you basically give most of your music away. and we wouldn't make pretty much any money doing this, but at least we could get the word out a little bit more on what beautiful music you make.

Haven said...

nice post.Thanks ............