Saturday, June 13, 2009

ambient and noise cassette download.

For the past month or so I've been working on an idea I had to fill an entire 90-minute cassette tape entirely with music, which I juuuuuuust finished. I only ended up making 23 copies of the tape due to financial limitations and laziness but I thought it'd be FUN to post it here for anyone who's interested, whoever you are.
Even though the tape isn't meant to have 'songs' or anything separating the seamless flow of music, I divided the digital version into individual tracks on two separate .zip folders for each side.
The whole thing was really fun to make, and I got to use a bunch of different ideas and recording techniques that I hadn't had the chance to use before. A lot of it is pretty primitive and you can tell I got a better sense of what I was doing towards the end of the tape. LEARNING WOOO.



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Mishap said...

I'm tempted to download... but I shall wait!