Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Extermination Music Night XI

Last Saturday night / Sunday morning some friends are I were guests and participants in a 600-person strong art/music event called Extermination Music Night, hosted in the abandonned Kodak Factory in Toronto. There were a bunch of bands playing in the buildings gymnasium, and a whole bunch of different artists had miniature exhibits set up in old room and offices of the building; the whole thing was totally fucking incredible and inspirational. Two people actually brought their own power generator and powered up a room and began to act as if they were employees, work clothes and all. Crazy shit. The building was the perfect environment for this kind of event. Unfortunately, around 3 AM, about 60 OPP cops came and stormed the whole place and kicked all of us out. I got shoved around by this one dick cop a few times while trying to actually make my way outside...I guess we were sort of asking for it, what with the trespassing and all.
I took some video/pictures, but they don't really come close to doing justice to the feel of the whole thing.


carly said...

this looks so cool.
kinda wished i went.
how are you doinG?

Mishap said...

This is rad! Sounds like an awesome night!

micheline said...

Hi Warren,

I am the editor of Musicworks Magazine and we are doing a feature article on Extermination Music Night.

Our art director has going through your portfolio on flikr has fallen in love with some of your images, may we use these in the article?
We would need high res versions of the pics

We are a not-for-profit magazine, so sadly, we don't have a photo budget, but if we do use your photos we would happily comp you a copy of the issue, for your fame and portfolio!

Let me know, it looks like its going to be a great article.
Contact me at: editor@musicworks.ca