Monday, June 22, 2009

mysterious letter to 'arran'

Um, so to make a long and stupid story short; I went to Toronto last week to meet up with some friends and got so drunk at the bar that I blacked out for about 4 hours (due to making the shitty mistake of drinking within 24 hours of taking piracetam), left the bar, and ended up at Union Station around 6 AM. I have no recollection whatsoever of what transpired during these ghost hours which is both scary and upsetting to me. Later that morning I found a strange letter in my backpack penned to someone with a similar name to mine.
See for yourselves:

Instead of actually solving the mystery of who these people are, and how I can into possession of this letter, I figure I will take the 'creative route' and write a conceptual song about the relationship between these two people and all the rough times they endured over the past seven years. Maybe I can get Lady Gaga to do a spoken word on it. Maybe I should stop drinking.


carly said...

it's an old lady.
well older.

Warren said...

It is a huge wtf!!

d.n. said...


Warren Hildebrand said...

This still boggles me.