Thursday, February 11, 2010

A bleak snapshot of my 12 year old self.

I found this on a site called Figure Death Theatre while googling my own name this morning, ahhaa errrrr.

"Posted: 02/24/02 12:00:00 AM
Views: 35
Category: SFDT Retro
Music Credits: None
Description: He opens a door in a office building that says attempted death inc. and it is a door that leads to outside, and he falls to his death."

That's right; 2002! I wish I had more of these animations. Since I lived in a farm town and didn't really have anyone to socialize with at the time I started making little GIF animations to occupy my restless mind. I originally had over 100 but I lost most of them when my computer crashed a few years ago. I remember for an assignment in grade 7 or 8 our teacher told us to write a set of instructions for anything we wanted, and I did mine on making basic animations, and eventually everyone in the class wanted a copy and was soon making animations 5 times as ultraviolent and crude as mine.


Jasminko Forlinko said...


The hottest and beardless man ever.

a.lexandra said...

Sorry but, as near as I can *tell*, the door did *not* say 'attempted',

not exactly. :P