Monday, February 22, 2010


This is a silent film of me on St. Patrick's Day '06 the second time I ever drank alcohol in my life, hosting an imaginary cooking show involving apples and Pilsbury toaster strudels. I think I was having a difficult but altogether 'mindblowing' time. I later fell down some stairs while listening to Led Zeppelins' "Friends". I found the video with the little 'urmomclearly', I can't argue with that.

Note: I am having a record release party on the 26th of March at the Bread and Circus in Toronto. Any one in the general area should make a concerted effort to make it out as there are going to be a lot of really mind-blowingingly good bands who will fuck your brains and completely disorient you with their giant musical 'extensions'. I fully intend to have another album recorded in time for this show that will be given away free on a CD for those who purchase a cassette copy of 'Swung from The Branches' for $5. How's that for a sales pitch? More details soon! Urmomclearly!!

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