Friday, February 19, 2010

Swung from The Branches

Hey guys, my mind is gone, but here is the download for the new mixtape album I've been putting together over the course of the past three months or so. The title was taken from a lyric in the song 'Jimi Bleachball'.

The whole thing was recorded for a kind of cassette A Side / B Side format so there is a pretty obvious division in style between the two. The first flows kind of as one long dreamlike hallucination song that segways pretty easily into each track, and is meant to inspire some pretty specific moods, while the second side more lucid pop songs. A big inspiration in making a lot of these songs was short-tracked hip hop albums like J Dillas' 'Donuts'. I don't know how obvious this is. It wasn't even really supposed to have an 'album' feel but it just sort of turned out that way, even two albums?, though I'm hoping it kind of has something for everyone.

Most of these songs are tracks that arose from restlessness, breaks between classes, insomnia and 5 AM isolation while in my in my apartment in Toronto. A couple of them are reworkings of old tracks that most of you guys probably have never heard but I felt would be fitting on this release. In the new few days I'm gonna post the lyrics and some detailed explanations into the meaning behind some of these tracks, cause who doesn't love to know? Hope you enjoy it. xoxo

Foxes in Fiction - Swung From The Branches
Total time: 1:03:35

1. Operating Room
2. Basement Window
3. Thank You, Sunday Morning
4. Sleeping Building Unsuspecting
5. Coffee Cups That Won't Break Down
6. Ninth Floor View
7. Cream Screen
8. 8 / 29 / 91
9. Mialectric (Side B transition)

10. Bronte Balloons
11. New Panic Cure
12. Jimi Bleachball
13. Please Note
14. Snow Angels
15. 15 Ativan (Song for Erika)
16. To Go Home
17. Memory Pools
18. Insomnia Keys
19. Visiting Hours

DOWNLOAD: Foxes in Fiction - 'Swung from The Branches'


Ben said...


dylan said...

donuts? word. can't wait to listen to this!

a.lexandra said...

it's alex, check this out

its like prodigy except the tune is based ont he SNES Mario Bowser Castle theme and the video is AWESOME.

Anonymous said...

been listening for a couple of days, sounds great. will share on my blog, cheers!

OldaBrotha said...

like i said, perfect for morning head flues. won't need DayQuil today.

glad i stumbled onto you work. thanks for sharing!

Warren Hildebrand said...

Thank you, glad you like it.

Goatface said...

<3 Basement Window

doctorsax said...

i really like this. nice work dude.

Flowrush said...

Wow, 8 / 29 / 91 is on repeat all day. Such an hypnotizing song.

Listening to your album gives me a ton of inspiration, thank you for this !

PS: I'm sorry to read about your brothers' death. I think it's an amazing thing that you can turn something as sad as that into something as beautiful as this album.

from the Netherlands...

Anonymous said...
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Eric said...

This is beyond incredible.

sherri said...

just found your music via pitchfork and listened to flashing lights three times in a row. great song, and can't wait to hear more.

Warren Hildebrand said...

That's so flattering, thank you so much!

cousin hub said...

I just discovered you via Pitchfork :o

Flashing Lights Have Ended Now is just amazing. I can't stop listening, it's wonderful.

Please keep up the good work =D

Warren Hildebrand said...

Glad you thank it, thanks for the loving words. <3

Anonymous said...

Can I buy this on CD someplace? I'd like to add it to my CD collection!

Machiventa said...

killer shit bro

Jophus said...

I found your music through the Ghostly subscription service. I just moved to Chicago from Los Angeles for a grad program, and I've fallen in love with this city with your album as soundtrack. This has totally ousted Tim Hecker for my study/headphone music. Excellent work.

Tim said...

Seriously beautiful music. Thanks.

Sean said...

Dude, truly beautiful album. I will be listening to this again!