Thursday, July 15, 2010

thnx America

This picture is just a snapshot of all the incredible times I had while doing the first Foxes in Fiction 'tour' to the US: Skyping with Ben of Trans-Bedroom Sound while sitting on Sunvisor’s rooftop drinking beers with my good friend Amanda at 4 AM in Long Island, New York, which really couldn't have been a greater way to wrap up the whole trip (with the exception of a coffee shop show and an extremely drunken night in Rochester, but that's another story) which brings me to this point:

Thanks for everyone (Jakub, Jeff, Sunvisor, Willy & Liz, Skipster, Viernes, Sara, Chaz, people who gave us directions in the street when we fucked up) who were so kind and hospitable to touring buddy Amanda and I while we were in the States. We couldn't have felt happier or more welcome while we there. Until next time!!


Also, a huge thanks to Scott for this warm welcome to Rochester:

I really couldn't have done it without y'all.

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