Monday, July 26, 2010

More Swung From The Branches cassettes, for those who are interested.

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Foxes in Fiction
Swung from The Branches
Total time: 1:03:35

2nd Pressing (20 copies available)

Due to a delay in CD production for this album, I'm taking pre-orders for the cassette tape repressing of Swung from The Branches. As always, the download is located below as well.

DOWNLOAD (cassettes for sale below)

1. Operating Room
2. Basement Window
3. Thank You, Sunday Morning
4. Sleeping Building Unsuspecting
5. Coffee Cups That Won't Break Down
6. Ninth Floor View
7. Cream Screen
8. 8 / 29 / 91
9. Mialectric (Side B transition)
10. Bronte Balloons
11. New Panic Cure
12. Jimi Bleachball
13. Please Note
14. Snow Angels
15. 15 Ativan (Song for Erika)
16. To Go Home
17. Memory Pools
18. Insomnia Keys
19. Visiting Hours


"This is the kind of music that is, essentially, perfect. Every nuance from the soothing reverb to the soft vocal delivery to the sputtering tape edits and buzz helps contribute to this breathy and ethereal sound. In a way that's hard to explain, this album brings to mind a dark winter night in a quiet city; the carless streets amplify each echo, the twinkling stars seem to cast a bit of shimmer all over everything, and the enormous skyscrapers pale in comparison to the emotions the music brings out. It seems almost intentional that one of the more robust compositions on the album is titled 'Sleeping Building Unsuspecting'.

After years of frustration, I can finally describe the particular style of music that had eluded me. The next time a collaborator inquires about a musical style to explore, I will look no further for inspiration than Swung From The Branches."

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