Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Lately (Memoryhouse cover)

Foxes in Fiction - Lately (Memoryhouse cover)


I haven't really recorded anything new in a while because my recording interface is broken and has been giving me problems since like March. But, I thought I'd try to get around that by rewiring my whole set up and use my reel-to reel, SO last night I threw together a cover of Lately, a song by a band that I've really grown to love recently.

The lyrics in this song always seemed incredibly sad to me and made me think of someone who is trapped in a hospital bed, having machines do everything for them while slipping in and out of consciousness and then eventually coming to the decision that they want to die instead of living an artificial life like that.

There were a few new recording techniques I'd been dying to try out which I think turned out really well. I ended up bouncing some of the guitar tracks to and from my tape machine about three time. No samples. Hope you like it.

I have another collection of recordings coming out soon on Orchid Tapes that is still untitled, but it's gonna rawk ur sox when u hear it u guyz.

xoxo warren


Rafa said...

i love the songs

Ar-de-rocker said...
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Ar-de-rocker said...

Awesome cover man, I love this song. Unfortunately I can't figure out how to play it on guitar... what tabs did you use?