Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Late night blues.

Foxes in Fiction - "Cut 'n" Paste Song For Erika" *Newer version + guitar chords*

So it's 4 AM again and I'm sitting in front of my computer, doing the exact same thing I've been doing for too many nights now. I don't want to think about how many hours of my life I've wasted sitting here. For what it's worth, I bought a cheap little lamp today for this one little corner of my studio area that never sees any light whatsoever. Sort of a fun story. The base looks like iris from a someone who has green and brown eyes. I sound like Martha Stewart but it's amazing how much different lighting can make. I love it. I don't care. I'm going to bed.
Here's a song I made for my friend Erika earlier tonight. The schizophrenic melody is made from a chopped up guitar track playing the first two chords from Femme Fatale by The Velvet Underground. Does this make me a bastard?
The spoken part towards the end is me reading a description of a dream I had last night. Have a nice Wednesday, everyone.


P.S. God bless melatonin.


John said...

I'm sorry for leaving you with such haste yesterday, I am more tired than usual.

I really like this track, it sounds wonderful now that it is finished (not that it didn't sound great before). I'm going to listen to it a few more times to see how much of the dialogue I can here.

Keep up the good work!

ha ha ha.

Anonymous said...

i certainly appreciate this much more now that i know that you record all the sounds individually and manually. you're all around the rarest of the precious gems in my collection. this is fantastic. you commented on the length yesterday, but i would argue that it isn't long enough. i enjoyed it.. TREMENDOUSLY.

Warren said...

I'm glad you enjoy it!
Because I'm never satisfied with anything I do, I posted a new version, it's a bit more climatic. ... ahHEAheaheahjedf.

Sombre Reptiles said...

reeeeeally liking this song

Joan said...

did melatonin work for you? i just used to use the cases for 2ci...

Warren said...

Really well. I'm out. I'm sad.