Sunday, March 1, 2009


In my never-ending quest to bring you nice sounds, I present second (or third) installment in the Foxes in Fiction mix'tapes'.
Enjoy, and have a great month.

Foxes in Fiction - "March Mix"

1. Lotus Plaza - These Years (The Floodlight Collective, 2009)
2. Junior Boys - The Equalizer (So This Is Goodbye, 2006)
3. Wax Mannquin - Tell The Doctor (The Price, 2004)
4. Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Soft Shock (It's A Blitz, 2009)
5. The Olivia Tremor Control - I Can Smell The Leaves (Dusk At Cubist Castle, 1996)
6. Battles - Race: In (Mirroed, 2007)
7. Nico - Fairest Of The Seasons (Chelsea Girl, 1967)
8 Thurston Moore - The Shape Is In A Trance (Trees Outside The Academy, 2007)
9. Les Mouches - Carload of Whatever (You're worth More To Me Than 1,000 Christians, 2004)
10. Lotus Plaza - Quicksand (The Floodlight Collective, 2009)



John said...

I really like this month's mix, itunes says it has been played three times already. Very good collage music.

I have never heard of Petrolia but I think we may both know the same Sarah Bardwell, because the Sarah I know is one of a kind. She does sport short dark hair and glasses and is a firecracker.

John said...

Thank you tremendously for sharing that beautiful piece of music with me.

At first I liked the sound of Petrolia, it sounds a little like a flower. The more I thought about it it sounded like Petrol, and noone wants to live in a town named "gas". My high school had 1,500 people in it, I can't imagine a town with only 2,000. It sounds wretched.

I hope you have been able to build your self back up again after it broke you. It sure seems like you have (:

John said...

I started watching that video in class with the aid of my friend's headphones but I had to stop. I'm waiting for a lecture on Sylvia Plath, it starts in two minutes and let me tell you that Grizzly Bear and Sylvia Plath together in a five minute period is far too stimulating for me.

I can't wait to finish the video when I get home, I imagine I will watch it a few times.

How was your evening of movie and collage? What were you watching by the way?

Thanks again for sending me the video, I have been inspired to make a mix tape for my bus ride tomorrow.

John said...

I hyped up that lecture much too much, both to you and to myself. I should have known it could only disappoint.

The video you sent me on the other hand did anything but disappoint. I am listening to it for a second time. Those boys are truly incredible.

I can only seeing them live, their songs are chilling enough recorded. I will never forget the first time I heard "He Hit Me", I was riding home on the bus and I had just purchased the Friend ep and I put it in my discman. When the track started I perked up in my seat and then soon started to tear up. I played it on repeat the entire way home.

Kate kept me up later than I had planned but I can't have been happier. It was the best 3 am I have ever had I think, even if I had to be awake at 8, it was worth it to catch up with Kate.

I watched a short clip from Pather Panchali, long enough too entice me but not too long to spoil anything. It looks beautiful, I put it on reserve at the Hamilton Public Library on VHS. I will let you know how my screening goes.

I hope your pseudo-productivity session went well, I know my evening plans were changed after the strange goings on in McMaster's student center as mentioned in my other blog.

I hope you evening, which has quickly become morning is excellent.

p.s. how do you feel about lemon ginger scones?

John said...

I have the strangest feeling I have seen that interview before, but I can't actually remember. It made me smile.

I have been on a bit of a kick as well, but I need to aquire a digital copy of Yellow House because at the moment I only have it on double lp, but I can't take that with me on the bus, can I?

I admire your dedication to 'Little Brother'. I am sure all of the labour and time you put into will really help someone down the road. If you ever get around to recording a cover please let me know, I would love to hear it.

I am only but a beginner when it comes to yoga, I have been taking classes for about three months now. I only have three left but I am going to sign up for more in the summer, though I definitely want to do more than one hour a week, my body misses it too much. After you shake off whatever remains of your flu, and the frost has lifted, I'm sure you will get back on track.

Neti pots seem very interesting. I have many allergies and I imagine something like that could be of use in the spring when everything is in bloom. I think I need to do a good detox or cleanse. My friend Carly gave me kinoki foot pads she bought off ebay, but I am not sure how effective I think they are.

After my art class I will be heading to the market to pick up a few things for the scones, I have never tried them before so I hope they turn out well.

Thank you very much for exposing me to Atlas Sound song with me, I am always looking for something new. The song was really quite beautiful. I have reserved since reserved a Deerhunter CD from the library and will be looking into both Deerhunter and Atlas Sound after work tonight.

I feel that you have been sharing many wonderful things with me, so I am now on the hunt to return the favour. Hopefully by later this evening something will come to mind.

I hope you have a wonderful and relaxing Tuesday.


John said...

I am a little speechless. The recording you did was very beautiful Warren, you should be proud.

I have listened to it on repeat while baking our scones. I think my sitting on my kitchen floor while listening to it may have made it extra magical. We are literally on the same level.

I am on the floor of my kitchen because there is no where to sit. My father is renovating the kitchen, which I suppose you will see tomorrow, and it is empty. I can't exactly leaves the scones unattended, I am not yet that experienced a baker.

I can only imagine how the song will sound once you "dress it up", I have a feeling I'm going to have a hard time getting to sleep tonight. I am in a creative mood, I have good new music to listen to, and a pile of dishes to do.

Please drop me a line when you get back, I would love to hear how you have changed the song.

I hope you are having a lovely evening, I know you have made mine better.


John said...

The download just finished. I am listening to the new version for the first time now.

There is no need to apologize for your message, I am really glad you made it out to yoga. I wish I ran into my high school art teacher at yoga, I miss her a lot. I need to stop by my high school. Now that there is nothing in my kitchen, I might try a few postures.

The scones are kind of marvelous, they turned out much better than I expected. I think I am going to have to heat them up before serving them tomorrow because the heat really does something to the ginger.

I always write on my typewrites on the floor, it gets especially melodramatic when I do it in the rain with the lights off. I like being grounded, the floor feels more like home. We all have our quirks I guess.

For me, the evening will be spent cleaning. I have a kitchen to make pristine, a bedroom to make presentable and if I am really ambitious, a paper to write. I;ll be happy if I can get my room tidied, my mother would probably disagree.

How about you? I am guessing that your evening is going to be more exciting than scrubbing out pyrex bowls and putting away baking flour. It isn't as boring as it sounds, I have a wonderful new song to listen to.


John said...

Hello Warren,

You left suddenly, I am sorry if I said something that upset you.

I should probably get going to bed now anyways, I have to be awake in 4 hours for school. It was lovely talking to you as usual.

Have a good day.