Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Jimi Bleachball / A.E "Faders" 4chan mess

While I was reading some stuff on the Deerhunter forum today, I came across a video from someone who had taken one of my songs and resposted it as a song called 'Faders', under the name A.E.

Whoever they were posted that and New Panic Cure as YouTube videos onto 4chan / various blogs where it began to make the rounds. The videos are gone now but the mp3 that's posted there is a double low quality version of my song, Jimi Bleachball, which someone ripped from the music video that I made. You can even hear the click of the tape machine that's at the end of the video.

Even the artwork that was made is a weird homage to Logos:

EDIT: I got two emails from the blog I Guess I'm Floating after contacting them a short while ago, which seems to have put an end to this hilarious situation:

"Hey Warren --

I actually just got to the bottom of this a second ago. Apparently it was some inside joke between a few friends and I stumbled upon the tracks from a tip I received earlier this week. It was totally mysterious to me so I posted the video/song hoping a reader could point me in a good direction.

Needless to say, it doesn't change the fact that I absolutely love the two songs I've heard - "Jimi Beachball" and "New Panic Cure". I've deleted the post with A.E. and would much rather do a proper write-up with YOUR actual music and info included..."

2nd edit:

I received another email earlier from a guy named Taylor who's a poster on 4chan giving an explanation in deeper detail:

"Hi there,

Not sure if you're aware of this already, but the source of this whole "A.E. - Faders" thing is mostly coming from the 4chan board /mu/. If I remember correctly, someone there crafted the original picture. No one ever fessed up though, so I guess it's just a rumor.

Man, did you get some hardcore praise. Supposedly "A.E." was some ultra-secret project of Bradford Cox, or it was the music of the future, or that Pitchfork already rated the so-called Faders album a 10/10, but it hadn't been released yet. So I guess in a way, you're famous. Just under a different name.

I already posted some long explanation on /mu/ explaining that A.E. was fake, that Foxes in Fiction was the real artist, etc. etc., and I posted a link for your album and MySpace and whatnot. Good music."

There's a thread going on with people trying to figure out the original source of the song. Even funnier, some people think it was an attempt by me to make the song go viral.

I am A.E., I am not A.E.

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Fo0dNippl3 said...

Just a heads up, that 4chan thread will probably expire in a few hours.

I dig the song though, will definitely download the album.