Friday, May 21, 2010

1 / 3

Flashing light have ended now, no more of those days
Days when we could let it show, cut it up and watch it grow
Only found in photographs, this feeling haunts the past
The silence walks between us, the silence seems to last
So lay back down if you wake up and leave it out to dry
I’ve been trapped in parking lots, wishing I could fake a smile

I will learn to to grow detached, I will realize
All the time we spent inside, changing colour of out eyes
Your words harness energy, I’ve seen it in the past
But I’ve got something better, something that will last
And looking back in photographs, the basement held a light
Candles set by steady hands, show our faces to the night
Can we change the way we feel, did you say ‘don’t look back’
Sunday morning’s looking up, the night has gone the sun comes back

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