Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Hiiii everyone,

I think I'm losing my sense of articulation, every time I try and write a blog or an update my sentences start to look like mangled car wrecks and I defer to reading Hipster Runoff. Should have maybe taken summer courses. Should have read more books throughout the school year.

The CD reissue of Swung From The Branches on Moodgadget Records is going to be release on June 29th, I'll leave more details when they come. I listened to to the mastered version of it today, it's nice as hellll. There's going to be three new songs on it, too.

Also, my small-time-operations label Orchid Tapes is going to be releasing some material by some artists that I really love and am really excited about. Thankfully the reception I've received about the whole idea has been really positive so far, with lots of people willing to paticipate. I think I found a decent cassette duplicator service in Toronto that I'm gonna check out, so tapes as well as free downloads are gonna be a go! Check out the Orchid Tapes MySpace if y'all want to hear some of the artists.

I'm going to go outside now.

I want to be in Norway.



thechristopherbruce said...

hard to read when busy. brain too cluttered. books fall out of reach.

Ray said...

will there be a vinyl release??

Warren Hildebrand said...

as of now, only CDs.