Thursday, May 20, 2010


or something like it. This is my recording set-up as of late. Neat yellow tint. I got rid of my AC30 and replaced it with a ~*brand new*~ AC15, is nice.


david said...

warren! nice set-up! whats the name of that "synth" in the first picture? keep up your good work!

radical friends blog said...

the synth is a korg microkorg, its pretty sweet and you can edit the hell out of it.

Nice setup! hope it was ok to share the album, I don't ask cause usually bands don't comment : ]

Warren Hildebrand said...

I actually missed the comment entirely, thanks for sharing this!! And thanks for the kind words!!!

Argiflex said...

Hey man! Your music is great! Thanks for releasing so much of it for free! I'm hoping to order a cassette sometime soon.
Great setup, also! I wish I had that much hardware. About the guitar amp though. Are you using it as a monitor? Or is it strictly for guitar?

Warren Hildebrand said...

thank you kindly friend.

i've never used it as a monitor, it's mostly just for guitar. i used to have a massive ac30 but it made no sense to own in my tiny apartment so i got an ac15 instead. so nice.