Saturday, February 28, 2009

I'm always sick , I'm never well.

Seriously. SERIEROISLLY!1 *sniff*
I have another cold, winter hasn't been good to me thus far. I feel totally mentally exhausted, and therefore I really don't have anything intelligent to write blog write about. Eeugh...

Being as though I have all this ample amount of free time to exercise my creativity these days, I took the evening to record yet another cover, this time a new song by Fever Ray; The Knife's Karin Dreijer Andersson's solo project. I did a quick Sharpie sketch of the album art, as well. I'm that bored and nerdy.

Seeing as though the album itself doesn't even come out until March, I don't really think I could be anymore current. I should be making BLOGHOUSE remixes instead. Like 15 a day of songs that don't come out until Holidays 2009. I'm in the wrong field.
I need more Cold FX.
Enjoy, and thanks for reading my dribble.

Foxes in Fiction - "If I Had A Heart (Fever Ray cover)


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jane lame said...

Drawing and Painting also. It's an okay program, though like any institution, it has its flaws. Next year will be my last.

And I've been doing well. I'm basically living out my teenage dreams but in a much nerdy form than I ever expected. What about you? Still in Oakville?