Monday, February 9, 2009


Hi there.
I spent a bit of time working on a new song called Joshua and the Paper Saw, featuring samples alluding to both these thing. It'll probably go through a few more revisions before I'm completely happy with it, but I figured I'd share this before I butchered it any further.
The melody is made up of a bunch of loops I've recorded over the course the past few weeks, with a hefty amount of voice sampled spliced in, collected from YouTube, old cassette recordings, and late night MSN Messenger conversations.
I basically ripped off The Books.

Regardless, enjoy.

(In the mean time, I recorded a short softsynth-driven ambient attempt as a representation / homage to Alex Bull.)

Foxes in Fiction - "In Space, No One Can Hear Alex T. Bull"
Foxes in Fiction - "Joshua and The Paper Saw"


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oktuzsal.kate said...

its missing the puppy whistle