Friday, February 6, 2009

I'm really bad at coming up with titles for my posts.

Fun, free times.
Taken on a whim with Mike.
"What's a big place that has lighting a 6 30 PM."

Oakville Place, of course!

Oh, I made a happy little addition to my minuature set, and furthered my near-obsession with incorporating microKORG's into my artwork!:



elkling said...

im sure 'im bored want to go to the mall' had nothing to do with it, or did maybe you were just too busy ignoring me to remember reading that

Anonymous said...

the composition in these is antithetical to the way that i work, but you're proving me wrong in every single one. strong body, strong points. i ask of you though, never to write the conclusion.

Alice X said...

HOLY coolness, i love these photos and miniature things.