Sunday, February 22, 2009


Feeling kind of sick, tired and anxious from a failed psychoactive brownie ingested late last night. To offset the feeling, I'm uploading a couple of paintings I finished over the course of the past couple of weeks. Still need some work, but I'm happy with them.

Oil and printing ink on canvas

Deer Memory
Collage on canvas

Oil on canvas, cut out and pasted on collage

Acrylic on canvas, cut and and pasted on collage

Thanks for stoppin' by,



John said...

Thank you for the kind words.

The fact that you read my blog makes me feel more more comfortable with the fact that I have been reading yours for the last month.

I really like your "Deer Memory"collage, I have been very attracted to collage lately.

John said...

Perhaps I will prepare a collage in the next little while and post it on my blog and you can give me your opinion.

I read about your OCAD interview and I wanted to wish you good luck/congratulate you for doing well. My good friend has an interview next weekend, he applied for photography. My fingers are crossed for both of you.

I have to agree that you have excellent taste in music as well. My heart broke a little when Kate commented that liking Joni Mitchell made her feel lame. My friend had tickets to see Grizzly Bear and Final Fantasy with the New York in New York at the end of the week but can't go because she has a job interview. I was pretty jealous before, but now I am just sad.

I really loved the miniatures you made. A friend of mine crafted me some miniatures for my birthday last year, I love the idea of them.

Kind Regards,